Jessica Z.

"My husband and I had the pleasure of receiving private birth classes by Megan Beckman in our home. We had taken a birth class in the past before our first child was born. As "second time parents", we felt like we already knew all there was to know about the birth process before doing these classes with Megan, but her classes proved this to be untrue. What we discovered is not all birth classes are created equal! We were truly impressed with Megan's preparation, her extensive knowledge of the entire laboring process, and her thorough understanding of a women's rights in a hospital.

The curriculum Megan uses is not only up to date, but is evidence based as well as inclusive of all birthing options, revolving around having a birth experience you are comfortable with and that leaves you feeling empowered.

We are SO happy we decided to take Megan's birth class despite already have taken one before, because we were pleasantly surprised with how much we learned that wasn't covered in our previous class. We were very impressed with the entire experience! If you are looking for a quality birth class or a highly qualified doula, we highly recommend Megan Beckman, Brilliant Beginning Birth Services!"

Shira D.

"Wonderful, compassionate , knowledgeable, understanding and extremely supportive.

Truly, I could go on and on about Brilliant Beginnings Birth Services! They came into my life right in the nick of time. We had our first prenatal consultation three weeks before my due date. Then, believe it or not my baby was born early that very night.

This wasn't my first child, it was my 3rd, so I kind of knew what to expect with the delivery, I just wanted more support in the process. But it wasn't until I met with my Doula Megan and she explained to me the stages of childbirth that I felt more confident than ever.

During my delivery it was Megan's words that guided me through the process. So, for the first time I had a completely natural birth with no interventions!!! On top of that I felt in control of my birthing room and my experience.

Brilliant Beginnings Birth Services also offered me unlimited prenatal support via phone, text and email. Megan provided me priceless tips and tricks with breastfeeding and postpartum support in my home, which was priceless. Again, I would recommend their services to friends, family and everyone.

Thank you Brilliant Beginnings."

Erika C.

"Megan was the best doula these new parents could have ever hoped for. Our birth was long, difficult, and threw us some major curveballs, but Megan was a calm, patient expert who guided and supported us all the way through. I don't know what we would have done without her.

I could go on, but I think the fact that our newborn son's middle name is "Beckman" probably says everything you need to know about how much her service meant to our new family."

Tony D.

"My wife and I took Megan's Birth Chemistry class. It was empowering and very informative. After taking her class we decided to ask her to be our doula. We were so glad that she could help us during my wife's successful VBAC with our second child. Five stars!"

Sapphire K.

"I never would have thought that I wanted a doula for my birth experience, but I am so thankful that I had Megan from Brilliant Beginnings Birth Services! From the beginning Megan was super professional, relate-able, and very knowledgeable. I was able to have multiple visits with her during my pregnancy and when I found out that I would have to be induced due to complications, she was super encouraging that I could still have a natural birth.

During my labor Megan was able to give me relief by doing the double hip squeeze to help with contractions and also brought along a birthing ball that helped me deal with my contractions. She stayed after I had the baby to ensure that I and the baby were okay, then she also came by a week or so later for our post natal visit.

She was available for me when I had questions or concerns after having the baby and checked in on me even just to say hi. I would recommend her to anyone looking for doula services!"

Deborah M., BSN, RN

Nebraska Medicine Labor & Delivery

"As a labor nurse with more than fifteen years experience, I have many opportunities to see doulas in action, and the truth is there are very few doulas who truly excel in their work, and when I see one, I feel the need to write them a letter of recommendation.

Megan has impressed me throughout the day with her continual attentiveness to the patient, making sure that she was changing positions as necessary. She provided amazing labor support, offering counter pressure, comfort, changing pads/chux, and assisting with anything and everything that would make this patient's birth journey a positive one."

Abby K.

"My husband and I worked with Megan from Brilliant Beginnings, and we can't recommend her highly enough! She was a truly phenomenal birth doula, and working with her was one of the best decisions we made throughout the pregnancy.

Megan is kind, thoughtful, compassionate, and exceptionally knowledgeable about pregnancy and birth. Her goal was to help us have the delivery experience that we wanted (i.e. she had no agenda of her own about how to labor) and to ensure we felt supported and empowered. We delivered at UNMC, and Megan earned the respect of all the nurses, our midwife, OBs, etc. Her presence helped me and my husband feel reassured even as my delivery progressed differently than we had anticipated.
Megan's supported us through:
- two prenatal visits, in which we discussed our birth preferences and the decisions we'd need to make during birth; the ways she would support us during labor; and guidance for the postpartum period, including breastfeeding
- prompt, responsive communication by email/text/phone
- the entire labor and delivery (which for us lasted nearly a full day), and she stayed with us for several hours after. (more on this below)
- a postpartum visit in the hospital and then another, longer visit at home in which we talked about the experience, she taught me how to bathe the baby, and provided some guidance with breastfeeding
Of course, the bulk of her support occurred during labor and delivery. Megan was with us for the entire experience. First, she came to our home when I was not coping well with pain, and then went with us to the hospital. A few examples of her support included: going on a long walk with me in the middle of the night to accelerate my contractions; applying counterpressure on my back for every contraction once they gained speed and intensity; using her rebozo and helping me, alongside the nurses and midwife, to try a variety of positions while pushing; and helping me and my husband assess the pros and cons of calling in the OB team to have me assessed for a suction or forceps delivery.
I can't imagine having gone through labor without Megan by my side. I wish every pregnant person could have a doula -- and one as wonderful as Megan. Thank you!"